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We help customers: in securing what they need of Turkish products in all fields, identifying attractive investment opportunities, seeing the latest products, closing sales, developing new markets, conducting sales visits, and securing partners. We provide added economic value at every step of our customers’ journey.

El Huda Company is driven by the desire for excellence and supported by an unrivaled understanding of the Turkish market and economy. This enables us to provide world-class services to our customers, including sourcing products, at the lowest prices, franchising and partnership, complete customer convenience and real-world opportunities and investment.


EL-Huda’s strength lies in our ability to translate and interpret the desires of our customers into creative thinking and provide solutions in the interrelated areas of intelligence consulting, product supply, and investment and partnership facilitation. .

We have sufficient experience in providing services with high professionalism by making a complete survey of the Turkish market and obtaining the best prices for the customer while making all arrangements and preparing the papers required to complete the shipping operations


El-Huda Company provides serious, reliable services and a wide range of benefits so that your business can successfully achieve its goals.

Our experts lead the economic growth of companies in Turkey. Our business relations are of high standard, in addition to that we are agents of a large number of very strong Turkish brands. Our close relationships with many levels of the public and private sectors in Turkey, gave El Huda the first in the market.

Our mission at El-Huda is to enhance commercial and investment relations and support the best interests of our customers with confidence and safety. For this reason, we worked closely with our colleagues in Turkey to discuss how to motivate merchants, importers and companies from all over the world to import from Turkey for the advantages we provide to them, the most important of which are quality, prices, trust, safety, and to provide the necessary advice and guidance to our customers in terms of prices, quality and any Other inquiries



Approaching a potential customer requires strategies tailored to the lead’s context, needs, and guidance. The extensive research and diverse contacts with the local market give El Huda an additional perspective, the insight that can help you develop the right approach. Our strong relationships with major companies in various fields give us an ideal platform to deliver the right messages to the right place and with the greatest impact.

Our Product Sourcing

It may seem like an obvious concept. The most important step in building a successful

In the real estate field

El-Huda Company owns an elegant residential complex in the city of Bursa that enjoys

In restaurants and bakeries

Sanabel Palestine Restaurant and Bakery For all types of Arabic and Turkish bakery
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Elhuda helps growth-driven businesses find new ways to get real results. We combine practical advice with unconventional thinking and a passion for results that manifest in the success of our clients.

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