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El-Huda is an Arabic-speaking Turkish company doing business in Turkey, established in 2016. It aims to stand out and receive support from the finest suppliers available in the Turkish market. 

El-Huda Company managers have experience and common industrial relations in working with high-level decision-makers from various industries in Turkey.

We work in the field of exporting from Turkey to all over the world. We provide everything that comes to the customer’s mind of products, whether Turkish or international brands available in the Turkish market. And at very special prices and in complete comfort for the customer, and with complete clarity

WHat WE DO ?

Elhuda conducts extensive research bringing together buyers and sellers, investors and opportunities.then connect them with a strategic focus on simplifying business – all in the right place at the right time. We also produce top notch events, trainings and meetings on behalf of our clients and in partnershipwith our strategic training institutes and government organizations.

Elhuda Intelligence has provided exceptional services, facilitated new entries and investments, and established government relationships.

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