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It might sound like an obvious concept. The most important step in building a successful sourcing business, whether offshore or not, is partnering with a supplier that is best for your business. This means that we will always assist you in meeting your ideal business needs in terms of price, quality, delivery terms and with complete comfort and without worries.
Although the majority of our customers are looking for price savings, we offer products made in Turkey with the right price and quality. In fact, partnering with the most appropriate supplier requires much more than getting the best price from the manufacturer and submitting the purchase order, with the difficulty of communicating with companies and factories due to the language difference. We measure each element of the facility, management team, equipment, plant history, etc. of a potential plant. Regarding our customers’ requirements.
Since identifying the most suitable supplier is a unique and essential element, so we present ourselves in El-Huda Company as a reliable supplier to all of our customers and the experience is the largest proof, the most important aspect of El-Huda Company is not to mislead the customer and his needs. A specialized team at El-Huda Company will help you to search for products, design your own brand, develop it, officially register it with the competent departments, and secure its arrival from Turkey to your facility.
We already have a list of eligible partners we work with and we:
We documented the licenses of suppliers and production facilities
We visited the supplier’s factories and made sure that they meet the customer’s requirements
– We tested the supplier’s products and confirmed their high quality

We offer a wide range of services including:

– Delivery of products from Turkey.
– Product development and formulation.
– Private labeling functions.
– Design and development of packaging.
– Production Manager.
– Marketing information.

– Food and drinks, including canned foods.
– Vehicle spare parts.
– A4 print paper
– Textile.
– Leather and shoes.
– Skin care and beauty products.
– Detergents and washing powders of all kinds
– Eating dogs and cats and all their supplies
– Plastic and glass, such as plates and cups, etc.
– Bathrobes, towels and children’s clothes
– Everything related to the newborn baby, such as bottles, clothes, pacifiers, etc.
– Air, body and linen fresheners
– Perfumes and sanitizers
– All kinds of napkins (hand tissues – kitchen tissues – toilet tissues – towels – etc.)

Evaluation step:
– Products required after market surveys, we provide you with a price list.
– Pictures and videos of the goods before and during loading.
– Organizing virtual meetings to find out any details the customer wants, for example adding a specific language to the product.
– Everything you want about the goods in terms of providing them, shipping them, and clearing them from Turkey until it reaches your facility.
– Send you a sample of the product (if possible)

– Check your order at the factory before shipping.
– Organization of the logistics and shipping of your order to the desired destination port.
– Send photos and videos of the product in the containers.
– Provide photos and videos of the container sealing process. 

– We make sure that the product reaches your port of destination.
– We will ensure that you receive all the necessary documents to remove the product from the port and customs.

We will contact you if you have any concerns or complaints about the product.

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