Elhuda’s investor introductory department offers prequalified investors direct access to prequalified business cases. Our Investor Introduction department provides approved investment opportunities to investors in the Turkey region through private meetings. Drawing on the story of the Elhuda directors who have hosted thousands of C-Suite executives across hundreds of business platforms, we’ve built a network of investors who are shortlisting us because of our impartial approach to opportunities.


We have identified the top public and private real estate projects in the Turkey region and then make it easy for you to buy / invest in these projects. The real estate sector in the Turkey region is currently booming due to the growth of the upper middle class and the growing number of tourists. 

We are experts in assessing your needs including investment rules and regulations, project identification, cost estimates and investment support services.
We specialize in textiles and apparel, agricultural processing, beverage paper, textiles, chemicals, light industry, auto parts, plastics, canned foods, and paper investment opportunities.

We promote social investment opportunities that develop the country, create jobs, influence the local community and bring investors back through a special roadshow, investment workshops or by organizing one-on-one investment meetings.
From our experience, we have worked with companies such as The International Enterprise Singapore, the Board of Investment of Thailand, the Indonesian Investment Promotion Center, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Trump Organization and Heights Holding.

We support investors looking to set up a business in Turkey by preparing feasibility studies, providing on-site assistance with obtaining permits, assistance with visa requirements, choosing where to company to be and contacting government agencies and lawyers.

Elhuda provides companies in the tourism industry with innovative advisory services that maximize the short-term economic benefits of travel destinations without compromising their long-term environmental, cultural or social integrity. We create cost-effective and practical solutions for the challenges of sustainable tourism and position our customers for international success.

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